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general terms and conditions

1. The hotel accommodation contract (lease) between the service user / orderer / organizer / host on one side and the hotel on the other side is considered to be concluded as soon as the room / the group room or seminar room has been booked and confirmed or – if a confirmation was not made due to lack of time – has been made available.
2. The hotel accommodation rates and other hotel rates are based on the current price list respectively on the rate agreed individually.
3. Guests will be charged the visitor’s tax from the 1st night. The amount and any discounts are based on the applicable statute of the community of Bad Peterstal-Griesbach.
4. Reserved hotel rooms are available to the guest from 2 pm on the day of arrival until 10 am on the day of departure. The reservation is valid until 6 pm. Late check-ins must be announced in advance by phone or in writing.
5. Reserved group or conference rooms at “Das Bad Peterstal” are only available to the guest / organizer at the time agreed in writing. If you would like to use the room longer than agreed the hotel will need to approve so.
6. For events after 11 pm the hotel is entitled to charge additional expenses – especially for employees, plus VAT.
7. The guest / host is not entitled to the provision of a specific hotel room, group or meeting room. Should the agreed rooms, for whatever reason, not be available, the hotel is obliged to arrange for a suitable replacement in the hotel or in any other nearby place.
8. Bringing food and beverages requires the expressed consent of the hotel and we reserve the right to charge an extra fee (“Korkgeld-Berechnung”).
9. Terms and conditions for groups: For modification or cancellation of booked hotel rooms, group or conference rooms and booked package deal we will charge the actual rate or a lump sum compensating lost revenues. Lump sum compensation amounts to:

  1. less than 2 months before arrival date: 30% of the agreed service,
  2. less than 1 month prior to arrival date: 50 % of the agreed service
  3. less than 2 weeks before arrival date: 80% of the agreed service
  4. In order to avoid the loss of revenues the hotel will try to rebook the rooms, group and meeting rooms as well as any cancelled package deals. The guest resp. the contracting partner must pay the amount calculated under clause 9 for the duration of the reservation until the room has been assigned to another person.

10. If a travel cancellation insurance is included in the package deal, the Gesundheitshotel will take it out on behalf of and for the guest. The terms and conditions of the ELVIA Reiseschutz will apply for this insurance. Accordingly, there is no insurance coverage for events that were to be expected at the time of booking (e. g. an already fixed doctor’s appointment or hospital stay). Further exclusions are defined by paragraphs 3 AVB RR, 5 AVB AB.
11. In order to insure that group arrivals (15 persons or more) will be executed smoothly, the contracting partner/guest is asked for a list of participants at least 14 days prior to the arrival.
12. If the contracting partner is not identical with the promoter, both parties are liable jointly and severally.
13. Should the organizer be a political / religious organization, the contract will require the prior consent of the hotel Management. If such information is withheld from the hotel by the contracting partner / service recipient, the hotel has the right to cancel the contract and to collect a compensation fee with reference to clause 9 of this document.
14. If, after conclusion of the contract, it should become clear that the hotel’s business cannot be operated smoothly or the hotel’s security or reputation may be jeopardized, the management reserves the right to withdraw from this contract at any time without additional costs. This will also apply if the hotel was not sufficiently informed about the real purpose of the event at time of contract.
15. If no other agreements have been made with regard to the payment of hotel services, a deposit of 50 % of the expected invoice amount will be due at least 2 months prior to Arrival. The remaining balance is due immediately upon receipt of the final invoice to the account of the Gesundheitshotel Das Bad Peterstal (see Letterhead / invoice). We are entitled to charge Euro 10,00 for any reminder in case of default in payment.
16. Any other payment arrangement is only valid with a written confirmation by the hotel.
17. If the period between conclusion of the contract and performance thereof will exceed 6 months, the hotel reserves the right to change prices without notice. Any change in rates will be at the benefit resp. expense of the client / service recipient, regardless of the contract’s date. All prices quoted are in Euros including VAT.
18. Pets are subject to the approval of the hotel.
19. Newspaper advertisements containing invitations to interviews or sales events require prior written consent of the hotel. If such an advertisement is published without our consent, the hotel has the right to cancel the event. In this case clause 9 of these General Terms and Conditions will apply.
20. Please note that for seminars / meetings / conferences / banquets etc. a change in the number of participants for lunch / dinner must be announced three days before the event.
21. The customer / service recipient is liable for the payment of any additional orders of event participants (food, drinks and other expenses) as well as for any other costs.
22. We will not assume liability for any loss or damage to objects brought to the hotel or to exhibits. All decorative materials must comply with current fire regulations and can be attached on walls, doors, Windows, ceilings, wallpaper etc. only with permission of the hotel. The customer / service recipient is liable for any damage.
23. The hotel’s liability for damage to objects brought by the organizers or participants is limited to intent or gross negligence of the hotel or its agents. The hotel cannot be held liable for items left behind at the hotel.
24. Failure of technical equipment provided by the hotel will be corrected immediately if possible. Retention or minimization of payments will not be allowed in such an event.
25. Liability for jewelry and valuables comply with legal requirements.
26. Verbal agreements are only valid in writing.
27. Should individual terms of these terms and conditions be ineffective or lose their effectiveness due to later circumstances or should a loophole emerge in these terms and conditions, the legal effectiveness of any other provisions is not affected. The invalid contractual provision shall be replaced or the loophole filled by an appropriate provision which comes as close as possible to what the hotel management would have wanted, had it considered the point.
28. Exclusive place of jurisdiction is Offenburg.
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